This year will see the annual Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival take place across the month of June with a blended programme of activities for 2021.

We have an exciting programme of events available and the Ruaille Buaille curation team are happy to create your very own 2021 festival model – to suit your school, your indoor space, your outdoor space, your students!

Children and young people have missed out on culture, and particularly live music, so for this year we are more than happy to have a conversation with each school individually to design a programme, one that you can safely host, as part of this year’s festival. Each workshop, performance, event can be tailored to suit you, your teachers and your students environment!

So the school gets to create their very own Ruaille Buaille ‘21!

Below you will see a list of options available across June.

* Ruaille Buaille will be happy to offer technical support to make each option possible in the classroom *
* Ruaille Buaille is also in a position to supply indoor or outdoor screens to suit the regulations of June ‘21 *
* Ruaille Buaille has outdoor stages and covered spaces available to your playground or your local park! *

So lots of wonderful opportunities for you to consider.

To help us prepare for your Ruaille Buaille ‘21 we have some questions that we would like you to answer.

As availability will be limited please get back to us quickly so we can note your interest and schedule your follow up call / Zoom meeting.

See you at the re-imagined Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival in June 2021